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Listen to the Steve and Sandi's interview on 103.9 The FISH with



with Lisa Daggs

Tony Cummings from Cross Rhythms Interviews Steve and Sandi

April 2013


Read the interview "Steve And Sandi: A worship ministry who've seen God's deliverance from alcoholism" on the UK website Cross Rhythms. 


The release of the independent album 'Something New' by California's Steve And Sandi brings into the spotlight one of the freshest and most creatively focused worship ministries heard for many a long day. It also brings into the spotlight the extraordinary testimony of Steve Padilla who, after four years of working with top selling CCM artist Lincoln Brewster, admitted that he was an alcoholic...

UK Website Cross Rhythms Reviews "Something New"

March 2013

Reviewed by Lins Honeyman


Recorded in their hometown of Sacramento in California, the debut release from former Lincoln Brewster keyboard player Steve Padilla and his wife Sandi is very much a breath of fresh air. Whilst undeniably God-focussed and worshipful, the sheer musical talent of the Padillas allows this production to rise far above normal worship music fare making it really something rather special indeed. Keen to keep proceedings as varied as possible, the couple flit from hints of electronica in a surprise cover of the Cure hit "Lovesong" to the wistfully acoustic "Into Your Arms" - both of which showcase the warm vocal styles of Sandi and Steve respectively - before revving it up in true Roxette fashion with the delightful rock pop of "Your Kingdom Reigns". Capped off with a stunning version of the Jennie Lee Riddle classic "Revelation Song" and a stomping Celtic folk take on the traditional "Come Thou Fount", this is an exemplary release from a highly talented couple.

Amazon Review of "Something New"
October 2012

Speaking as a producer I find the production value and quality of this album top notch. All of the songs are layered with subtle sounds of delicate sophistication amalgamating into a crescendo of euphoric harmonious sounds for the ears. The better the audio system you listen to this album on the more it explodes in its experience. To truly appreciate the synthesized programming and various effects fully you will want to listen to it on a great system.


The performance levels of the artistes on this album are as good as in the secular music world and as someone that is new to "Contemporary Christian Music" I will use secular bands as comparison. The electronic programming and deeply emotional undertones are comparable to Depeche Mode or Enigma and can be heard on tracks 3, 4, & 6 with a more upbeat pop feel of Erasure and Pet Shop Boys on tracks 2 & 9. The acoustic guitar performances are on par with Jesse Cook and are particularly delightful on track 4 but it's like an Easter egg hunt hidden throughout the song. Speaking of track 4 "Lovesong" it is easily the best reinterpretation of the greatest The Cure song ever! The vocals are angelic in nature and easy on the ears. Harmonizing and vocal effects are perfect and not overdone, a rarity I have found in this type of music. Special effects should add to a songs story not become the story, and Steve and Sandi mixed it perfectly.


As a Christian I have found this album to be anointed. Every time I play (Something New) I feel it ushers in the Glory of God! Restoration power flows, especially through tracks 3, 6, & 9. The ride ends with track 10 "Come Thou Fount" a high energy Celtic dancing happy song unlike the rest. This album is magical, euphoric, and heavenly. For a time, time stood still and life became more alive. Great job Steve & Sandi, and thank you for sharing Gods given talents with us!

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